Monday, 25 January 2010


Not been around for a while as the start to the year has been incredibly good.
Many new changes for the coming months I think the two biggest are the fact that with Lampworking running a very close second to Silversmithing and Silver Jewellery.

With the atrocious weather for the first part of January putting travel arrangements in total turmoil it gave me a chance to get some much needed work done behind the scenes.

As you will be aware Lampworking and all things glass is my second passion in life and with that in mind set about seperating the Silver and the Glass as they are completely different beasts and much easier for me to manage if they both had their own domain.

On the 11th January 2010 Wibbly Wobbly Glass was born to cater not only for my need but also the growing interest in flame worked glass.
So please check out
You will find not only the hottest place in the south for this but also a good comprehensive range of tools and equipment.

16th January 2010 saw the 5th studion open day - this was the first time it had been advertised outside of the lampworking forum - Frit Happens. The attendance was nothing short of staggering. a total of 35 came through the doors , most stayed for the day to watch some of the best lampworking demo's available. We even had a a real nice guy from Australia who was visiting his son oon holiday pop by and give us a demonstration of his bead making.
In addiiton i also took 7 course bookings in both silver and lampworking for the coming month.

The end of January will see us moving premises, same business park , different number. So from the beginning of Feb we are moving to number 4 Brambles Enterprise Centre.

With this in mind February will see the official opening with a 2 day event on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th February 2010. Come along have a go and see what your missing.



  1. Carl, I have given you a blog award, if you have time just pop onto my blog to get it and spread it around. I'm working on my other half about the making our own wedding rings idea you suggested, I may ask a family member to pay for the course as a gift to us


  2. Good luck with the new glass adventures.
    I had to award 12 people a blog award and I picked you as one. I just noticed the jewellery girl has also given you an award - hope it's not the same one!
    If you go to my blog you can accept your award.

  3. Wow - only just seen these posts. An award. Thank you