Sunday, 29 November 2009

Only the Positive Need apply

Well how are you all doing ? November drawing to a close with December on the horizon
been a very very busy Month. Still trying to get the workshop straight but as the old saying goes we are getting there.
Had a great day on saturday the "Frit Happens" forum members came down for the day for another open day free event. Had a whole day of excellent demonstrations From Kay and Jo. Well attended and I think went down very well.

I actually looking towards The new year and that it may offer. I hope in 2010 I keep going from strength to strength.

Got some great offers on for january on some course fee reductions for thos that want to come and learn the art of silversmithing.

If you wonderful "crafty" people out there want to get listed a s alink on my website then please go and visit and fill in the form only takes 20 seconds.

Bye for now

Thursday, 26 November 2009

A whole new line up.

Well thinking ahead I have now got the old sales and marketing head on as despite what anybody else thinks I have had enough of the reccession and I've now decided I'm coming out of it.

The new calendar of workshops, courses and events is now published on my website.

The other fantastic news is that from January 2010 I have two skilled glass artisans teaching thier superb skills from my studio.

Denise is an accomplished artist with a Ba in Three Dimensional Design and specialises in fused dichroic glass.

Kay is an extremely experienced lampworker with some incredible skills and knowledge in this filed, she is also a pretty good silversmith.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Way to Go !!!!!!

I'm still moving in the right direction and looking forwards to what the next few weeks has in store in the run up to the holiday season. I have 7 commissions to finish by next Tuesday so I think it may mean a few late nights. Never the less I never seem to tire of making beautiful jewellery and precious metal art . Another thing that's good is the diversity, I never actually know who is going to walk through the door and what they are going to request.

I also have the task of re-stocking the studio with items to sell. In all honesty I have almost sold out, which in it's self is not a bad thing but I don't think my studio has ever been so empty of my creations.

Today has been spent teaching and some wonderful pieces were made by both Liz and Carolyn.

One of the best moves forward is my collaboration with a very skilled glass artisan who is coming to work with me in January 2010. She is not only going to teach on a regular basis from my studio but were are going to work together on some fantastic designs.

I have added an extra page to my website, which includes pictures of some fine fused dichroic glasss work.

Go check out the website.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Moving Forwards

I have a had a busy few days, mostly on the computer designing the new site. I've also changed my email address so for those that haven't been informed, I can now be found at .

Bye for now .

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Websites !

Yesterday I spent most of the day trying to revamp my website as folk had said it was not very appealing. So having spent the best part of 9 hours trying to tweek it I then set about getting some feedback so placed a request on one of my favourite forums to get just that.What I didn't expect was the response. Now I am not nor do I proffess to be a website guru, infact computers and me don't come to naturally, However, having started from scratch it was my first effort to have some sort of web presence since 2001. The feedback was very to the point and no one liked the colours, content was ok but colours did not go down well.

I'm a terrible insomniac and if I'd tried to go to bed a 12.30 am I would never had slept so at 0100 this morning I decided I'd better have another attempt. At 3.45 this morning It was pretty much done and totally different having taken on board the comments that in reality were just what I needed.

Now at 11.00 am, been working on it again since 8.00 am I think I've got it about right. If any of my followers would take the time to go have a look at the new website I'd be very very grateful.


Saturday, 14 November 2009

Fantastic Day

I think I have had one of the best weeks so far. I have organised a free social get together type demo day for those that are interested in making jewellery and fellow artisans that are interested in a different aspect to their normal activities. This weeks was simply superb we kicked off at around midday on Friday and two well known lampworkers turned up to give a fantastic demonstration of their art and skills. I have to say I have been interested in Lampworking for some considerable time and what transpired was litterally woth its weight in gold. Two very skilled and known lampworkers came along, complete with full oxycon setup, glass and a whole array of different tools. They demonstrated their skills for over 6 hours almost without a break. The work they produced was simply stunning. I think the 15 or so people that attended got invaluable tuition in varying aspects of this delicate glass work medium. I for one made two beads and to be honest I'm now hooked. So watch this for some up and coming updates of how I am getting on.
In addition to the day I gave a few demonstrations on silversmithing which also went down very well.

Anyhow I'll update next week as I have 6 booked in throughout the week for some full day Workshops.

Best regards

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Phew ...What a week.

I have to start off by saying that the more I do this the more I am enjoying it. Well i have had another fairly busy week, not as perhaps as productive as I'd like to have been in terms of designing and making but none the less i still making good headway. The workshop and studio has been open a whole 5 weeks, seems like 2 minutes to be honest, anyhow, This week I have been sourcing materials and supplies as my website is now starting to sell tools and accessories. It's very early days and I'm learning as I go. I have added a range of Lampwork and glass bead mandrels. I have been fortunate enought to find a good supplier and therefore offer some pretty good prices. I'm adding Jewellery tools to the website when I get chance so be sure to pop along the website and have a look, .
Tomorrow see's the second in a long run of open days and events. I held one last Saturday and saw a good selection of people turn up, I was really pleased with the attendance. Tomorrow is specifically for a great group of lampworkers and dichroic glass Artists. We have a number of lampworkers doing some demos as well as yours truly on hand for some Silversmithing.
I'll Keep you all posted as to how it goes and maybe get some pictures too.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Upwards and Onwards

To some i probably always sound positive, Well i'll let you into a little secret - It's because I am. I'm very much the sort of person who see's the positive in even the most adverse of situations, I can't help it, infact in many ways I see it as a bonus without being dillusional. The begining of the week kicked off with a full day workshop in silversmithing, Tuesday saw another morning of teaching, Wednesday was a catch up day, Thursday was spent running round trying to stock up on supplies, Friday was a very pleasant day designing a new range of jewellery and Saturday the doors opened for the first time as i had arranged a local meet at the workshop for a great group of lampworking and dichroic glass artists. i say artists as their pieces that they brought for "Show and Tell" were truly amazing. Not knowing a great deal about glasswork myself the conversation, which I have to say was 99% glass talk, went on to discuss Demo days so Next Friday the day was booked for another forum club social but this time with a nice kinda twist. The group that came along Saturday, some of which had travelled over an hour and half to visit, said that because most were relatively new would like further info and possibly instruction. So without further adoo Next Fridays meet will include , live demonstrations in Silversmithing care of yours truly, Lampworking by Kay and Dichroic Glass work by Denise. So far I have all ready got approximately 15 coming along but I have posted on 2 other forums to see exactly what interest is generated by this. I'll keep you posted. If you are a follower of my Blogg ( tell your freinds ) and you fancy a day out next Friday then please come along.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Getting There

First blogg update for over a week due to being incredibly busy with the new advertising campaign. In this the end of the first month the new website has attracted in excess of 1800 visitors, not bad considering it is the first website I have designed and also a bit of a steep learning curve when it comes to SEO.
Last week saw a re-arrangement of the workshop again, I'm pretty happy with the workshop area now but the front Gallery section is still needing a bit of work to make it ..well... a bit like a gallery would help!!
I saw an incredible in flux of new faces come through the door.I have to say that some were very inspirational, especially one artisit who is a very experienced lampworker, thank you Jo for taking the time to come and see me and look forwards to working with you in the future.
The courses are going well and I'm now occupied for November, I even have a booking for a party of 20 on the 2nd December, who are coming along to a taster evening with live demonstrations of silversmithing.
Thats all for now but come back soon.