Saturday, 14 November 2009

Fantastic Day

I think I have had one of the best weeks so far. I have organised a free social get together type demo day for those that are interested in making jewellery and fellow artisans that are interested in a different aspect to their normal activities. This weeks was simply superb we kicked off at around midday on Friday and two well known lampworkers turned up to give a fantastic demonstration of their art and skills. I have to say I have been interested in Lampworking for some considerable time and what transpired was litterally woth its weight in gold. Two very skilled and known lampworkers came along, complete with full oxycon setup, glass and a whole array of different tools. They demonstrated their skills for over 6 hours almost without a break. The work they produced was simply stunning. I think the 15 or so people that attended got invaluable tuition in varying aspects of this delicate glass work medium. I for one made two beads and to be honest I'm now hooked. So watch this for some up and coming updates of how I am getting on.
In addition to the day I gave a few demonstrations on silversmithing which also went down very well.

Anyhow I'll update next week as I have 6 booked in throughout the week for some full day Workshops.

Best regards


  1. Wish I lived nearer. Can we have pics of what you made? Would love to see your creations.

  2. Yes pictures are coming pretty soon.
    Due to demand demo days are now fortnightly alternating between a weekday and weekend.