Monday, 23 November 2009

Way to Go !!!!!!

I'm still moving in the right direction and looking forwards to what the next few weeks has in store in the run up to the holiday season. I have 7 commissions to finish by next Tuesday so I think it may mean a few late nights. Never the less I never seem to tire of making beautiful jewellery and precious metal art . Another thing that's good is the diversity, I never actually know who is going to walk through the door and what they are going to request.

I also have the task of re-stocking the studio with items to sell. In all honesty I have almost sold out, which in it's self is not a bad thing but I don't think my studio has ever been so empty of my creations.

Today has been spent teaching and some wonderful pieces were made by both Liz and Carolyn.

One of the best moves forward is my collaboration with a very skilled glass artisan who is coming to work with me in January 2010. She is not only going to teach on a regular basis from my studio but were are going to work together on some fantastic designs.

I have added an extra page to my website, which includes pictures of some fine fused dichroic glasss work.

Go check out the website.

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