Thursday, 19 November 2009

Websites !

Yesterday I spent most of the day trying to revamp my website as folk had said it was not very appealing. So having spent the best part of 9 hours trying to tweek it I then set about getting some feedback so placed a request on one of my favourite forums to get just that.What I didn't expect was the response. Now I am not nor do I proffess to be a website guru, infact computers and me don't come to naturally, However, having started from scratch it was my first effort to have some sort of web presence since 2001. The feedback was very to the point and no one liked the colours, content was ok but colours did not go down well.

I'm a terrible insomniac and if I'd tried to go to bed a 12.30 am I would never had slept so at 0100 this morning I decided I'd better have another attempt. At 3.45 this morning It was pretty much done and totally different having taken on board the comments that in reality were just what I needed.

Now at 11.00 am, been working on it again since 8.00 am I think I've got it about right. If any of my followers would take the time to go have a look at the new website I'd be very very grateful.


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