Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Getting There

First blogg update for over a week due to being incredibly busy with the new advertising campaign. In this the end of the first month the new website has attracted in excess of 1800 visitors, not bad considering it is the first website I have designed and also a bit of a steep learning curve when it comes to SEO.
Last week saw a re-arrangement of the workshop again, I'm pretty happy with the workshop area now but the front Gallery section is still needing a bit of work to make it ..well... a bit like a gallery would help!!
I saw an incredible in flux of new faces come through the door.I have to say that some were very inspirational, especially one artisit who is a very experienced lampworker, thank you Jo for taking the time to come and see me and look forwards to working with you in the future.
The courses are going well and I'm now occupied for November, I even have a booking for a party of 20 on the 2nd December, who are coming along to a taster evening with live demonstrations of silversmithing.
Thats all for now but come back soon.

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