Monday, 26 October 2009

Good Start to the Week

Well Monday morning came bright and early,having spent the weekend sorting out materials and supplies and also trying to design more of a collection I am working on. This morning saw another 2 enquiries for some silversmithing courses and the finishing of a rather striking hammered bangle. This afternoon I spent two hours with an advertising and marketing professional who I have to say on first meeting certainly knows what they are talking about. So why was I talking to this person , Well, I want to reach a specific target market and in order to do so need some help. I think that I probably learnt more about marketing my business that i ever imagined I would. What it has taught me is this person is probably worth their weight in gold in the long run (please excuse the pun). She explained how and why my simple efforts have not reached the people for which it was intended. In all honesty the advertising fees are incredibly reasonable for the exposure my business will receive. I'll keep you posted as to the success in the coming weeks.
This afternoon also so another commission request come in through the door. So all in all a good start to the week.

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