Friday, 23 October 2009

The End of Another Entertaining Week

Friday again...whoosh where do the days go.anyhow another busy week. I think this weeks word is be positive It sure has been six months of highs and lows but a bit like the UK economy I think I'm climbing out of it and can clearly see the top now, not sure whats on the other side but I can definately see the top.

This week I've placed 3 Newspaper ads to generate some interest, I've got some more advertising coming next week and the Exhibition / Demonstration nights are now booked till the 19th November. I've decided to do one night a week until christmas.

I got 3 more students starting classes next week and another 5 that are interested come payday.

Had a nice commission too, guy came into the studio this afternoon and asked if I could make a 20" triple rope chain. Very nice , Thank you James.

The end of the week saw a bit of re-arrangement of the workshop space to make it a) more appealing and b) easier for me to work.

Anyhow I'm in for the weekend to try and catch up on some back orders.

I'm now also on Twitter .. CMjewellery ..

Thanks for watching.

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