Monday, 26 October 2009

Good Start to the Week

Well Monday morning came bright and early,having spent the weekend sorting out materials and supplies and also trying to design more of a collection I am working on. This morning saw another 2 enquiries for some silversmithing courses and the finishing of a rather striking hammered bangle. This afternoon I spent two hours with an advertising and marketing professional who I have to say on first meeting certainly knows what they are talking about. So why was I talking to this person , Well, I want to reach a specific target market and in order to do so need some help. I think that I probably learnt more about marketing my business that i ever imagined I would. What it has taught me is this person is probably worth their weight in gold in the long run (please excuse the pun). She explained how and why my simple efforts have not reached the people for which it was intended. In all honesty the advertising fees are incredibly reasonable for the exposure my business will receive. I'll keep you posted as to the success in the coming weeks.
This afternoon also so another commission request come in through the door. So all in all a good start to the week.

Friday, 23 October 2009

The End of Another Entertaining Week

Friday again...whoosh where do the days go.anyhow another busy week. I think this weeks word is be positive It sure has been six months of highs and lows but a bit like the UK economy I think I'm climbing out of it and can clearly see the top now, not sure whats on the other side but I can definately see the top.

This week I've placed 3 Newspaper ads to generate some interest, I've got some more advertising coming next week and the Exhibition / Demonstration nights are now booked till the 19th November. I've decided to do one night a week until christmas.

I got 3 more students starting classes next week and another 5 that are interested come payday.

Had a nice commission too, guy came into the studio this afternoon and asked if I could make a 20" triple rope chain. Very nice , Thank you James.

The end of the week saw a bit of re-arrangement of the workshop space to make it a) more appealing and b) easier for me to work.

Anyhow I'm in for the weekend to try and catch up on some back orders.

I'm now also on Twitter .. CMjewellery ..

Thanks for watching.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

In the Beginning

Well First ever Blogg.... So better start somewhere near the beginning , without of course boring you to death. In the mid nineties I had formal training to be a jeweller and silversmith for 4 yrs and had continued despite a full time career doing something that I was not only considered good at but also madly passionate about. I had regular commissions and was always busy producing something out of Gold ,Silver or combination precious metals , my decision in the early years was that I never wanted to do it full time because then there is pressure to have to make it work as a full time business.I needn't have concerned myself as it's been the best 14 yrs of my life and continues to get better.

Having taught on a one to one basis for the last 8 years I decided due to the lack of anything around my location that offers the traditionally taught way of silversmithing and jewellery making to expand this and pass on some experience and knowledge in a very relaxed and informal way..

An opportunity in March 2009 saw me move into my now full time workshop and studio. 750 sq foot , a designers dream. I hold regular, infact becoming weekly, hosted party nights where not only an informal talk on jewellery and silversmithing takes place but also live demonstrations. to date its gone well I have a number of students and the enquiries are coming in thick and fast.....................