Thursday, 22 October 2009

In the Beginning

Well First ever Blogg.... So better start somewhere near the beginning , without of course boring you to death. In the mid nineties I had formal training to be a jeweller and silversmith for 4 yrs and had continued despite a full time career doing something that I was not only considered good at but also madly passionate about. I had regular commissions and was always busy producing something out of Gold ,Silver or combination precious metals , my decision in the early years was that I never wanted to do it full time because then there is pressure to have to make it work as a full time business.I needn't have concerned myself as it's been the best 14 yrs of my life and continues to get better.

Having taught on a one to one basis for the last 8 years I decided due to the lack of anything around my location that offers the traditionally taught way of silversmithing and jewellery making to expand this and pass on some experience and knowledge in a very relaxed and informal way..

An opportunity in March 2009 saw me move into my now full time workshop and studio. 750 sq foot , a designers dream. I hold regular, infact becoming weekly, hosted party nights where not only an informal talk on jewellery and silversmithing takes place but also live demonstrations. to date its gone well I have a number of students and the enquiries are coming in thick and fast.....................


  1. Well done and welcome to blogland, I think a lot of us start our craft this way, leaving the corporate world behind, hopefully for a better life not always with the same salary, (if only) but happier and more fulfilled.

    Good Luck for the future.

  2. Hey welcome to the world of blogging. As a fellow crafter I'm going to follow your blog with great interest. :O)

  3. Good Luck Carl - you deserve it, a huge decision for you to make. I am sure it will work for you.