Sunday, 8 November 2009

Upwards and Onwards

To some i probably always sound positive, Well i'll let you into a little secret - It's because I am. I'm very much the sort of person who see's the positive in even the most adverse of situations, I can't help it, infact in many ways I see it as a bonus without being dillusional. The begining of the week kicked off with a full day workshop in silversmithing, Tuesday saw another morning of teaching, Wednesday was a catch up day, Thursday was spent running round trying to stock up on supplies, Friday was a very pleasant day designing a new range of jewellery and Saturday the doors opened for the first time as i had arranged a local meet at the workshop for a great group of lampworking and dichroic glass artists. i say artists as their pieces that they brought for "Show and Tell" were truly amazing. Not knowing a great deal about glasswork myself the conversation, which I have to say was 99% glass talk, went on to discuss Demo days so Next Friday the day was booked for another forum club social but this time with a nice kinda twist. The group that came along Saturday, some of which had travelled over an hour and half to visit, said that because most were relatively new would like further info and possibly instruction. So without further adoo Next Fridays meet will include , live demonstrations in Silversmithing care of yours truly, Lampworking by Kay and Dichroic Glass work by Denise. So far I have all ready got approximately 15 coming along but I have posted on 2 other forums to see exactly what interest is generated by this. I'll keep you posted. If you are a follower of my Blogg ( tell your freinds ) and you fancy a day out next Friday then please come along.

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