Tuesday, 16 February 2010

New Studio for Silversmithing, Jewellery Making, Enamelling, Silver Clay , Lampworking and Fused Glass all in Hampshire.

Well boy have I been busy over the last few weeks. Early February saw me move into the new studio. Still got loads to do to get it how I want it but the important thing is that it is warm comfortable and in a much more high profile position.

The new Studio is now home to a great many courses. Silver Jewellery, Silver Clay. Enamelling, Lampworking and Fused Dichroic Glass.

Since the review in the Daily Telegraph I have now got advanced bookings till the end of the year and things are really beginning to gain some real momentum.

I'm also now a supplier of Lauscha glass, Reichenbach glass, Sievert torches, National torches and I have at long last produced a range of brass lampworking tools for the lampworking artisans. I will have a range of brass marvers by the end of the month too.

So do look in

Look at the updated websites at :



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