Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Carl Martin Jewellery AKA Wibbly Wobbly Glass

Not sure if all my followers are aware but for the past year I've gradually got heavily into glass. By glass I mean flameworked glass both in soft glass fir making beads and small sculpture but also borosilicate glass. I have found working with glass as enjoyable as precious metals but with the added dimension of endless colour combinations. Alot of my work, both in the production of Jewellery and the teaching aspect of my business now combines both mediums. what else could one want for but the inclusion of glass and silver together.

I've recently become an authorised distributor for Lauscha and Reichenbach glass and the recent addition as an appointed distributor for Glass Alchemy products which is a borosilicate glass with a coe of 33. I am extremely enthusiastic with working with Glass alchemy as the colour pallette is really the best in the world, not only that but the company has done a great deal of research into the way in which their glass can be worked.

March 22nd see's a move to a brand new studio deep in the heart of the Hampshire countryside in a villiage called Droxford. The setting is more in keeping with my work and can see this as being a permanent home for Carl Martin Jewellery and Wibbly Wobbly Glass for some years to come.

The courses are becoming increasingly popular and somewhat due to the inclusion in the Daily Telegraph as one of their chosen top 50 UK courses in January 2010 has emphasised this. I have the pleasure in meeting some fantastic people and seeing them develop into not only superb designers but also jewellery makers in their own right.

In the months to come I will be writing a project for a top UK jewellery magazine so keep your eyes open for that one.

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