Tuesday, 6 April 2010

CMJ Launches 5 Day Craft Extravaganza

With spring in the air and the poor euro against the pound more and more British folk are leaving thier suitcases well and truly under wraps and ignoring the call of the Mediteranean and trips to distant shores. With so many smart and talented people coming through my studio doors I have today launched a 5 day craft extravaganza which will be held at my studio deep in the Hampshire countryside.

So what is involved..well a different craft or skill will be taught on each of the 5 days ,we will cover silver jewellery making using sterling silver and cover all aspects including cuttingtting ,soldering, finishing polishing Day 2 will be spent Lampworking and creating glass beads from molten glass rods, Day 3 will be spent making fused glass pieces including dichroic glass to make elgant and very beautiful jewellery, Day 4 will be spent using silver clay, copper and bronze clay, Day 5 is spent exploring the wonderful world of handmade cards, from using cutouts to embossing and handpainting and much much more.

Come and see us soon.



  1. This sounds interesting, keep us posted with more info!

  2. Oooh....very interesting. More info please!!

  3. This sounds great and very tempting. Hope it goes well and look forward to reading more about it.


  4. New courses launched Now includes learning how to make finger print jewellery from silver clay..... details will soon be up on the website. Thanks for reading and keep in touch.