Monday, 5 April 2010

Handcrafted - Definately the way to go.

Having now settled into the new studio, and may I say I have had some very favourable comments. It certainly feels like home. Alot warmer too compared to the old studio.

So handcrafted items made by skilled craftsmen ( and women too ) is definately the way to go. It has been very apparent over the last few years that the buying trend has certainly favoured value rather than quality. Imported goods that are then assembled in minutes hardly constitutes handcrafted, handmade yes but there little craft involved and certainly precious little skilled craftsman ship involved.

I have noticed over the last 6 months an increasing awareness in both those that wish to learn new skills and those that wish to purchase goods or products that are handcrafted. By handcrafted I mean where a person selects raw materials and using skill and knowledge turns the raw item into something elegant and in my case wearable, and dare I say in some cases valuable. It's what prompted my venture into the world of teaching so that these skills aren't lost in the midst of can sometimes be described as "crap". Can you imagine if the trend had continued what would happen to antiques and family heirlooms of the future, there wouldn't be any. Antiques roadshow of the future - doesn't bear thinking about

So the thought for this week is seek out local crafts, buy wisely and if possible buy handcrafted.

You know it makes sense.


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  1. Nice post Carl, glad you've settled into the new space too!