Saturday, 12 June 2010

Lampworking Demonstrations Goes Mobile

It's been a hectic week. This week has some movement in future events and exhibitions. Some of you may be aware that I have been asked now to run my courses at other establishments around the UK. Next week see's me in Essex for most of the week and next Month I'm down in the West Country.

What has also transpired this week is the need for some more equipment in order to cope with the demand of the lampworking courses and the fact that from August I'm piloting a brand new approach by taking the demonstrations to you. !! I can provide full lampworking demonstration at your venue I'm already talking to certain establishments to get my passion and knowledge out there into the wider audience so look out for Wibbly Wobbly Glass at a venue near you soon.

So in the furture you will see extra lampworking stations being installed to cope with the demand.

You can book the mobile service in advance and I will come along with all the gear and show you how it's done in the comfort of your venue. Contact me for full details.

Something else in the pipeline is bringing handcrafted works again the the forefront of British small businesses and putting handcrafted items further up in the ranks of "Things you must do or try" I'm planning on a massive launch of a new studio concept, This studio will be in addition to existing one, sorry it's a bit cryptic at the moment but there are certain things at this moment in time I just cannot divulge but it's going to be a whole new experience and I mean something that has never been done before. What it will mean is great new courses and workshops taught so that you can actually make whatever you wish, again, please contact me for details.

With the wedding season well under way I have been inundated with request for couples to come along and make their own wedding rings. With this and other courses I'm booked right up to the end of the year, there are obviously still some places available but I'm fully booked well into July and half of August has already gone.

Today was the usual monthly studio open day with some great people turning up to enquire about the courses and of course the regulars who come down nearly everymonth to just socialise with like minded people, those that wanted to have a go made some beads in front of the torch, very impressed to as a first attempt by everyone. I look forward to spending much more time in the coming weeks with those that not only booked the lampworking courses but those who booked for silversmithing courses too.The next open day is 9th July , which is a Friday so come along for a few hours and enjoy the atmosphere.

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